ECO A registered office of Petit Forestier will be built in Ożarów Mazowiecki

Visualization website Petit Forestier
Visualization website Petit Forestier
The RD bud company became a general contractor of two investments for Petit Forestier: in Bronisze and Ruda Śląska.

Petit Forestier is a leader on the European lease market of refrigerate container trucks. The company is going to open two new agencies in Poland, the construction of which RD bud will be responsible.

First preparatory works on both building areas started in the first days of July this year. In Bronisze, Ożarów Mazowiecki borough, an office building and workshop, equipped with storage and social hinterlands, will be build. The structure is going to come into being on the area of 6135 sq. m. It will have ca. 1068 sq. m of development area. A registered office of Petit Forestier will be located here. Moreover, the lease of refrigerate container trucks as well as their repair will be lead in the building.

The second agency of the company will be placed in Ruda Śląska, between Zabrzańska Street and DTŚ. This establishment will be composed of motor service with social and clerical area.

An important aspect in the realization of both investments for Petit Forestier is the usage of eco-friendly materials and technologies. 

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