The first stage of Robyg Business Center

The visualization depicts Robyg Business Center.
The visualization depicts Robyg Business Center.
On 20th August 2012 the Robyg group finalized the first stage of the investment Robyg Business Center in Warsaw. The office building is currantly at the frame stage of construction.

Robyg Business Center is an investment of the Robyg group, located at the junction of streets Aleja Rzeczpospolitej and Południowa Obwodnica. The first stage of the investment is a three-floor building of the total usable area of over 8 thous. sq.m. The area of an average floor will amount to 2869 sq.m. Rooms in the building, apart from being applicable as offices, will be intended for trade and service activity. The building will also have a car park with 125 parking places.

As Zbigniew Wojciech Okoński from the Robyg company says, Robyg Business Center is simple modern architectural solutions, which will ensure comfort for its future users of office areas and trade and service centres. The investment, located away from noisy main roads in the city, creates conditions, which are favourable for work, and the glass walls of the building guarantee contact with natural light and surrounding areas. Owing to an attractive location and a substantial number of parking places, the centre will be easily accessible both to inhabitants of surrounding housing estates and to people living in farther regions of the district.

The complex in Warsaw is intended to comprise twp buildings of the total area of 35 thous. sq.m. and 950 parking places located at 3 car parks. According to plans, the building of the 1st stage of the investment will be finished in the middle of 2013.

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