ROBYG and an office leaseback

The partnership from ROBYG SA capital group concluded a financial and operational lease agreement with Millennium Leasing.

ROBYG SA management board informed that ROBYG Business Park, in which the company owns 100 per cent of shares in a share capital, concluded a lease agreement with Millennium Leasing (ML) on 22th December 2014. On the basis of the contract, ML is obliged to purchase from Wilanów Office Center – a partnership owned by ROBYG company – the right of perpetual usufruct of a property with two plots located at Rzeczypospolita 1 Avenue and in Warsaw Wilanów district as well as the ownership right to an office and service structure and garage building located on those plots in the amount of 19 170 000 EUR net.


On the basis of a concluded agreement, ML is also obliged to return – as a financial entity – a purchased ROBYG Business Park property as a lessee to use and benefit on the lease basis, including an area on financial lease and buildings on operational lease basis for the period of 5 years in return for remuneration amounting 19 170 000 EUR net, increased by a financial cost which includes initial charge totaling 4 792 500 EUR, buyout value after the date of expiry of the lease agreement amounting 12 307 242,60 EUR and the other amount paid by way of monthly installments.


On the basis of the lease agreement, ML is obliged to sell Wilanów Office Center to the benefit of ROBYG Business Park. ROBYG Business Park, in turn, is obliged to purchase it from ML after the date of expiry of the lease contract.

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