15 applications for recruitment to Inkubator Technologiczny BPN-T

Białystocki Park Naukowo-Technologiczny's buildings, photo by I.Maleszewska
II round of recruitment for Inkubator Technologiczny Białostockiego Parku Naukowo - Technologicznego has begun.

Second round of recruitment for Inkubator Technologiczny runs since the start of the month. People planning to start a business enterprise as well as entrepreneurs operating for no longer than 3 years (at the end of first quarter 2013) can apply for a place in Inkubator. In order to take part in the recruitment one has to fill and hand in the application form available on Park's homepage. Previously, during the first round of recruitment for Inkubator Technologiczny BPN-T, 15 application forms came in. The majority of accepted applicatins came from IT, computer graphics, telecommunication and electronic industries. There was also an application from the border of 3D graphics and programming. The final list of subjects accepted to Inkubator Technologiczny in the first round of recruitment will be known at the start of october 2012.

On the other hand, the terms for renting office area in Centrum Technologiczne are known. Companies operating innovative activity can apply for space in CT. Application forms are being accepted till the 31st of october. In turn, by the end of november the companies will recieve the status of Technological Center's tenant.

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