Comarch moves in to BPN-T

Buildings of BPN-T, photo I. Maleszewska
Buildings of BPN-T, photo I. Maleszewska
Białystok Science and Technology Park has a new tenant - known IT company.

On 26th September 2013 Comarch S.A. company officially gained the status of a tenant of Białystok Science and Technology Park. The decision was taken unanimously by members of BNP-T Programme Council at the meeting which took place on that day.

I am very pleased that our growth strategy of BNP-T profile in the direction of specialization based on IT industry and interdisciplinary product connections of computer science with medicine and health sciences begin to bring investments in Bialystok, a company with a very recognizable brand not only in the country but also in the world. It is worth noting that Comarch S.A. did not have an office in our city. I am also pleased by the fact that the company in its application form has declared the development of cooperation with other tenants of the park and local universities – said  the director of the park, Dr. Jolanta Koszelew.

Comarch S.A. was founded in 1993 and now is one of the largest IT companies in Poland. Its founder is Janusz Filipiak, a professor of AGH University of Science and Technology and his twelve students. The company is located in Krakow. Comarch focuses on activities in six sectors, such as software for public administration, software for the health sector, dedicated systems for the banking and insurance sectors, ERP software for SME companies (under the brand name of Comarch ERP), billing systems and operation of telecommunication networks, EDI systems and loyalty programs.

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