Kegger and Steel.s Poland in Wałbrzych's "Invest-Park"

Investments will consume 2.7 million zlotych.
Investments will consume 2.7 million zlotych.
Another companies located their businesses in Wałbrzyska Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna "Invest-Park". Not too long ago the zone was strengthened by Techspring and 3M Wrocław companies.


This time a permission to operate activity in WSSE "Invest-Park" was given to KEGGER company, which will operate activity of production of special road service cars and car installations in the form of tarpaulins in the area of Bolesławiec subzone.

Steel.s Poland will also lead it's own business in Wałbrzych's zone, intending to start a na new production line, allowing it to operate activity of applying various labels in screen printing method, destined for AGD market and for the needs of car industry.

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