Zones extend

Łódz, Kraków, Wałbrzych and Pomeranian's special economic zones will extend by additional hectares at the end of January 2013.

The Cabinet of Poland regulation's project forecasts increase of four special economic zones in Poland. Changes are supposed to be introduced with the end of January 2013. It will result in creating of new workplaces as well as in influx of additional investments.

Krakow special economic zone will increase to about 90ha, but at the same time 20ha will be shut off. New space will amount to 628,5ha ( earlier 558,7ha). Four new sub-zones will be created: Chrzanów, Czorsztyn, Dąbrowa Tarnowska i Trzebinia. Sub-zone Książ Wielki will stop to exist. It is estimated that at least 2500 of workplaces will be established through developing of zone, however new financial expenditures will amount to over PLN 680 million.

To Łódz's special economic zone almost 60ha will be attached, however 28ha wil be shut off. The space of zone will increase by 21,5ha and will amount to 1298ha. Three new sub-zones will be established: Kalisz, Sochaczew i Zelów. Sub-zone Łódź, Kutno i Stryków will extend, however Słubica and Słupca zone will stop to exist. New spaces will enable creating of about 1550 workplaces. Investment expenditures in those areas will amount to about PLN 598 million.

More areas will increase also in pomeranian special economic zone. Zone will extend by 57ha and its space will amount to 1380ha. Inter alia Malbork, Świecie, Rypin i Gdynia sub-zones will extend. It is forecast that about 1200 of new workplaces will be established and PLN 733 million of investment.

Wałbrzyska special economic zone will have an area of 2212ha, and will extend by almost 200ha.

After changes, a total space of special economic zones in Poland will amount to 15 978ha.

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