ECO Plac Unii applied for BREEAM

Inwestorzy realizują projekt zgodnie z wymogami certyfikacji. W planach są kolejne zielone biurowce. The investors are managing the project in accordance with the certification requirements. There are plans to build other green buildings.

Liebrecht & wooD and BBI Development NFI, the investors of Plac Unii, applied for the “very good” note BREEAM certification. Over 80 criteria, concerning decreasing the building’s impact on the environment and optimization of the conditions inside the building, will be taken into account in the audit of this property.

It is important that the developer shouldn’t limit his thinking only to the construction process. The future “life” of the building is equally important: its effectiveness, the operation costs, as well as how it is going to look after a few years – added Marc Lebbe, Member of the Management Board of Liebrecht & wooD.

The office and commerce complex is constructed on Unii Lubelskiej Square in Warsaw. It will consist of three buildings joint at the height of thirty meters by a glass roof. A 90-meter office building will be the central point of the composition.

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