Facebook has opened a division in Warsaw

Facebook is visited by over 13 million Poles every month.
Facebook is visited by over 13 million Poles every month.
The office in the capital will manage 30 countries of our region.

Marketing, direct sale of advertisements and cooperation with producers of applications operating within the service; these are the main tasks of the office of the biggest social networking service, Facebook, recently opened in Warsaw. The information about that can be read in today’s issue of Rzeczpospolita. The head of the Polish division located ul. Dobra, which will be a headquarters for 30 countries in our region, is  Diego Oliva, who has already created five regional seats of the company.

A plain is my office; I do not remain permanently in any of 10 European divisions I manage, he said to journalists of the newspaper Rzeczpospolita.Diego Oliva is Facebook Regional Director for Eastern and Central Europe, Middle East and Africa.You have very predictable rules of business and less bureaucracy in procedures of establishing companies than in other countries. Apart from that, Polish Facebook has currently over 9 mln active users and this number is constantly growing. The advertisement market also has an increase potential in your country.

Journalists, in the Friday issue of Rzeczpospolita, refer to the data of Megapanel PBI/Gemus, which estimated in its July research that at least 13,2 mln of Poles at least once a month visit the website Facebook and about 2,8 mln uses their mobiles or tablets to go to this page. Besides, it turns out that one of the biggest social networking services in the world enjoys great popularity in our region and it can boast with 46 million users.

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