Interbiuro designs Ford offices' decor.

Warsaw. Photowallpapers in conference halls will present the company's rich history.


Offices of Ford Polska in Warsaw's office building Marynarska Business Park will soon gain a brand new image thanks to Interbiuro company, which is currently realising an aesthetic improvement project there. At first, the large scale renovation had no big changes planned. It was intended to keep the color scheme, perform surface lifting and make simple renovation works such as repainting, replacing coverings and furniture in the front desk area. Ultimately, it was decided to introduce more radical solutions, which will allow to completely change the office interior's aesthetics. Photowallpapers, which will decorate conference halls, will present Ford's rich history.

- Each hall represents a different part of history: from retro hall, in which photos with Henry Ford, assembly line, factory and first automobiles were placed, through halls with pictures from 60s and 70s to hallls with modern models - says project leader, Ewa PieklikInterbiuro.

But that's not all. The project also intends to place flower motives in the kitchen and refresh the front desk area, which is to become a space capable of giving comfortable working conditions.

- Effectively, through very cost-efficient means, material choice and purity of form, we have managed to create a very elegant office area with our client - adds Ewa Pieklik.

Interbiuro operates one the market for twelve years already, supporting its clients with experience in the area of designing, arrangement and realisation of offices. The company also performs complex renovation and outfitting of offices.

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Dominika :
Wystrój biura nie musi być szary i nudny dotyczy to zarówno miejsca pracy jak i pomieszczenia w domu. Ważna jest gra dodatków:) Powiem szczerze miałam dość klasycznych foteli biurowych, w których czułabym, że zaraz mogę zasnąć, szukałam czegoś sportowego, by poczuć tą szybkość , moc i .... i trafiłam na fotele firmy Akracing! Nie dość, że sportowe to bardzo wygodne :)kółka nierysujące podłogi regulowana wysokość, i regulowane podłokietniki, a co najciekawsze to są fotele kubełkowe!! Coś niesamowitego:)
February 17, 2013 at 6:03 PM