ECO New contractor of passive office demanded

Science-Technology Park Euro-Centrum has decided to withdraw from a contract with BUDUS. A tender was issued for contractor of passive office.

Science-Technology Park Euro-Centrum has decided to withdraw from a contract on execution of building works with BUDUS S.A. company. Main reasons were delays in an investment's execution, financial questions of coo-partnership and filling a bankruptcy petition. An invitation to tender was issued on 12 Novemeber for a new contractor of passive office in Katowice.

The structure is currently in closed raw state, secured before winter. To finalize the building necessary works are within elevation, building of water terminal, installation of low friction and electric works. Works connected with photovoltaic installations and montage of heat exchanger are needed. Are around the office has to be used.

Because of the necessity of choosing new contractor, completion dates of investment which started in August 2011 changed. Originally, the office was supposed to be completed in February 2013. New contractor after signing the contract will have 135 days to complete the building.

Passive office is supposed to be the first of this kind structure in Poland. Project includes high-tech energy-saving and ecological solutions. Building's electric energy demand will be the lowest - to 15kwh/mkw/year.

Investment is finalized from funds of The European Regional Development Fund within the project "Creation of Science-Technology Park Euro-Centrum - development and applying of new technologies in the area of respect for energy and renewable resources".

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Radek :
Pasywny głównie z nazwy :-)
January 16, 2013 at 5:40 PM