ECO Skanska is investing in the Middle-East Europe

Visualization of the office Kapelanka 42
Office in Prague - City Green Court
Skanska has already invested over EUR 400 million in ecological offices in the Middle-East Europe.

Skanska Commercial Development Europe, investor and developer of green office buildings, has already invested over EUR 400 million in the Middle-East Europe. The company is planning to build 200 000sqm of office space within two years. They currently have 180 000sqm in the process of building. Skanska also invests in Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary.

The Middle-East Europe is the region with a high potential. We've invested here EUR 400 million totally and we're planning another investment with a value of EUR 100 million within two years. Because we're financing our project by ourselves, we have a large freedom of making decisions and due to that we could entered into Romanian's market. We're glad also that "green" way of thinking about investments on the office market becomes year by year more popular in this part of Europe - said Nicklas Lindberg, chairman of Skanska Commercial Development Europe.

Skanska's green offices are emerging in many Polish cities. The construction of office complex Kapelanka 42 in Krakow started the process of building not so long ago, and it will offer 30 000sqm of modern office space. Three offices in Wrocław (the fourth one is planned), Green Horizon in Łódz, Green Corner in Warsaw are worthwhile to be mentioned. Malta House in Poznań will be ready-made in the third quarter of 2013. The most ecological office building is being built in the region of Atrium 1 in Warsaw.

Skanska offers also office spaces in other countries of the Middle-East Europe. City Green Court in Prague was ready-made in October, and leaseholders will move into Green House in Budapest in December. Skanska also started projects in Romania this year.

Skanska's green offices are popular among leaseholders who highlight a huge discretion in interiors arrangement, developer's individual attitude and perfect workplace conditions. All Skanska's buildings are submitted LEED certification.

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