Another office is building in Poznań

Investment is caried out by Skanska for Ferguson Company which deals with usable electronic.

Another office-warehouse building with 3 165sqm of usable space will be built in Poznań. Investment is carried out by Skanska for Ferguson company which deals with usable electronic. The building is located at Dworska Street in Poznań and will be ready-made in 2013.

Building will consist of two ground-floor segments. One part of office will have three tiers, hotel part will have four tiers. On the level of basement and ground floor, segments will be linked with 19th century bunker, element of Twierdza Poznań made of bricks. Its elevation will be renovated, dominant and its interior will be adapted as a hotel restaurant - says Zbyszko Kapłon, Project Manager. - Top part of the bunker will be a terrace between two parts of the building. Emerging building will be a unite part of Naramowice neighbourhood, because of its construction and finishing it will interact with existing structures in this region.

Works are done very fast. At the moment we're doing elevation and the roof. We've started finishing works of building's interior. We've also dealing with building utility systems - says Konrad Nagodziński, Skanska's Site Manager.

Within this investment domestic buildings, neighbouring with the bunker, built in 1970's were demolished.

Architecture Studio ASPA&ZAPA is a project's author.

Skanska is also doing another investments in Poznań such as a central office of District Court and Regional Court, Krajowe Centrum Innowacji w Logistyce i eGospodarce, MaltaHouse office and renovation of the east part of CK Zamek.

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