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Mindspace Warsaw - Koszyki Hall
A trend which is currently changing the Polish labor market is co-working. No wonder that there is more and more new co-working spaces in the whole country.

Co-working office space is very popular among microbusinesses, freelancers, start-ups or representatives of freelance professions. The numerous assets of this type of space are appreciated by both big companies and corporations. Why co-working space is so popular? At some point, there has been a new trend on the commercial real estate market, that is workplace as a service, from which co-working derives. This trend brings a lot of benefits. One of them is, of course, the economy, which results from limitation of expenses for renting the office (reception, bills, etc.). Other advantages are flexible and short-term lease contracts as well as the opportunity of using co-working office space in different locations. In such space, people work with others and this diversity is the key asset of co-working space, that is a place for exchanging the views, ideas, experiences, etc., whereas employees can create a peculiar community.

A place to work is not the only thing required by people who use co-working space. The associated services, which are common in such space, are equally important, for instance, relaxation zone, rooms for business meetings with clients or parking spaces. Undoubtedly, such offices provide work stations, equipment or sanitary facilities. However, this is not everything. An important function is building a society, thus different events or networking meetings are often organized in such places. The example is Hack Tour in O4 co-working in Olivia Business Center in Gdańsk. This year’s Hack Tour is the next edition of the event initiated by the representatives of one of the best start-up ecosystems from Finland in the world together with the start-up environment from northern Poland (O4, Black Pearls VC, Startup Poland, start-up Gdynia, Project Startup, 3camp, Olcamp, Netcamp and Exea Smart Space). The visit of the three most important Finnish start-up initiatives (Slush, Startup Sauna and Junction) integrates the O4 co-working environment. All start-ups which take part in Hack Tour have a chance to present themselves in front of both foreign and Polish investors (see more: Hack Tour in O4 co-working).

The office is a place which is commonly associated with business. No wonder that these buildings are also offered by co-working offices. Such space is located, among others, in the above mentioned Olivia Business Center complex.


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madrala :
Nowoczesne biura to nowy trend w stolicy i na świecie. Według mnie prócz samej przestrzeni inwestorzy muszą się zastanowić poważnie nad lokalizacją i samym budynkiem bo jak na moje oko sam szklany moloch w centrum czy na Mokotowie już nie wystarczy. Ja wolałbym jakiś klimatyczny budynek choćby praskiego Konesera który się właśnie remontuje. W sumie dalej od centrum ale blisko 2 linii metra ale tam przynajmniej na kawę w kawiarni nie będę czekać 20 minut a czynsz zapłacę zdecydowanie mniejszy.
September 24, 2017 at 12:52 PM