Partners for investment in Wola chosen

Grupa Waryński has chosen Polnord and Dantex as its business partners for execution of investment in Wola in Warsaw.

Grupa Waryński, which actively runs on the property market, has chosen business partners for execution of residential-office investment in Warsaw. The building is located at Jana Kazimierza Street in Wola district. Polnord and Dantex were chosen by Grupa Waryński, they will enter into contract until 2012.

On choice of such partners influenced mainly their huge experience on the Warsaw's market and analysis of crucial conditions of offered cooperation. After the recent restructuring and change of Grupa Waryński's strategy we concentrate on development activity and we want to create our proficiencies within the scope of it. We hope that partners who were chosen will support us in effective usage of area which we posses and in creating a friendly place for future residents - says Jarosław Jankowski, Board President Waryński S.A. Holding Group.  - Odolany is currently one of the most attractive areas for residential-office investments. Convenient location is its the biggest advantage, but not the only one - adds Jarosław Jankowski.

Parcel on which the investment will be be built has over 70 000sqm. Building will offer about 100 000sqm of usable space, 20-30% of this will be designed as offices. Grupa Waryński will be executing this investment in a form of two parallel projects joint-venture, each with different partner. It aims to optimise profits and ensure safety of enterprise.

Project, in which we will take part, fully coincide with newly chosen Polnord's strategy, which concentrates on activity of our copartnership in residential and office building sector and assumes an increase in sales of flats to 1500-2000 units run-off-year in prospect of two next years. We thank Grupa Waryński for trust as a professional developer and we believe that we can create together one of the most attractive residential projects in the Capital - said Piotr Wesołowski, Chairperson of Polnord S.A.

President of Dantex's Board, Marek Roefler says: Dantex company has been associated with Warsaw's Wola since 1994. According with our strategy we change the Wola's face, we have been intensively investing in this part of Warsaw 18 years now. In effect of those activities we transform industrial areas in business centres and housing developments, contributing together with other investors to moving city's business centre towards Wola. Area of Jana Kazimierza Street, becomes a modern housing enclave with additional office and service facilities, where thanks to great communication links and proximity to city centre it is convenient to live and it is also willingly to work.

Investment in Warsaw is a first residential-office project of Grupa Waryński. The company actively runs on the property market, an example can be another investment which is expected to be completed in the first half of 2015 - office at crossing of Ordona Street and Jana Kazimierza Street in Warsaw offers a space of about 9 000sqm.

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