HP's new business services center

Business services center's premises in Łódź
Hewlett-Packard company has started a new business services center in Łódź in GTC University Business Park

On the 27th November, Hewlett-Packard company informed about the official opening of business services center in Łódź. The branch in this city belongs to HP corporation and is connected with business services for company's external clients (BPO). The center offers outsourcing solutions related to i.a. transaction services in finacial and accounting sectors, managing purchase of goods and services as well as operations of HR and payment departments.

For the location of the center, Hewlett-Packard has picked an office building in the city center – GTC University Business Park. Several dozen of employees have been hired already, but the recruitment process is still going on. The basic requirement for potential candidates is having higher education and being fluent in foreign languages.

- An important criterion in the choice of Łódź for location of HP GBC's new office was availability of highly qualified personnel, capable of using foreign languages, as well as high quality of offered office space, central geographical location, increase in the number of flight connections and a relatively small distance between Łódź and Wrocław, where  HP Global Business Center is located. Close cooperation and help from city authorities proved to be equally important in making this decision – admits Danila Meirlaen, Vice President of Business Services Department at Hewlett-Packard.

At the moment the center handles i.a. one of the largest European contracts from business processes outsourcing department. The project includes administrative-personal support.

- The key to our success is the ability to perform specialised and complex services for organisations operating in various industries on the whole world. It is proved by the ever growing portfolio of clients and their invariably high opinion on our work – comments Renata Sima, General Director for Outsourcing Services at HP. - The main strength guaranteeing this growth are qualified, capable people who create perfectly efficient teams and provide highest quality of services for our clients.

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