Biprostal without scaffoldings

After months of renovation, the workers dismantled the scaffoldings and unveiled the mosaic on the southern wall of the office building.

After about 9 months the renovation of the building of Centrum Biurowe Biprostal SA has ended.

The exterior elevations have been covered in green glass and light sandstone. The only exception is the southern wall where the mosaic of Celina Strylska-Taranczewska is displayed. After many protests of Kraków’s inhabitants and listing it in the heritage register, the work that was planned to be hacked off underwent a through renovation and reconstruction. The parameters regarding the thermal insulation of the building, which were included in the project, have been reached thanks to the implementation of inner building thermal insulation systems.

Apart from the new look, the building also gained a control system for managing teletechnical, electric and mechanical installations.

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