Colliers is to commercialize Times II

A computer rendering of Times II complex in Wrocław
Times II office buildings are to fit into the existing development
An international consulting company, Colliers International, will commercialize Times II complex in Wrocław.

UBM is going to begin implementation of Times II on the turn of the second and third quarter of 2013. The project assumes creating two office and service buildings, which would offer the office space of 18 000 sqm and the service space of 1 580 sqm. Colliers International has become an agent responsible for commercialization of the structure.

Times II is for us an exceptional investment for a number of reasons. In the first place, it is our first commercial project in Wrocław, additionally situated in such a special location as this area of the Old Town – said Peter Obernhuber, a Member of UBM Poland Board.

The construction is to last 20 months. Occupants will have at their disposal 400 parking places. Adjacent to the structure will also be a multi-storey public parking lot. The buildings belonging to the complex will be functionally independent, but coherent architecturally. The office buildings are to adjoin the already existing development and complete downtown blocks in a natural way. The architectural design was made by Autorska Pracownia Architektoniczna APA Hubka [The Design Studio Hubka].

The developer purchased two plots of the area of about 0,5 ha in October 2012. The lands are located near Ruska, św. Mikołaja and Grabarska streets, in the Old Town.

Marcin Sabowicz, Senior Associate in Colliers International’s Office Department says - Wrocław market is still not replete as far as office space supply is concerned, that is why I believe that the new project of UBM will be a perfect completion of an offer for tenants both local and those looking for areas for projects from BPO and SSC sectors.

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