Enterprise valuation guidelines

RICS is an international company which associating real estate experts
RICS is an international company which associating real estate experts
RICS has published Business Valuation Guidance - new guidelines concerning proper valuation of enterprises.

Business Valuation Guidance presents professional guidelines which serve to connect international valuation models and reduce inaccuracies on world’s real estate markets. RICS aims to promote the best practices connected with valuation of companies and shares in enterprises.

The application of the guidelines published by RICS corresponds with requirements of International Valuation Standard (IVS) 200 Enterprises and Shares in Enterprises. Business Valuation Guidance is a part of the so called Red Book – RICS Valuation – Professional Standards which is to be published in 2013. RICS – Red Book and International Valuation Standards will state the most important guidelines and standards concerning valuation on the international market.

RICS publication focuses on methods of evaluation work scope and cooperation conditions, valuation studies, methodology, reports, and customer data confidentiality. Knowledge in the publication will be especially precious to experts whose basic skill is valuation of enterprises.

Owing to Business Valuation Guidance, RICS takes an important role in valuation of enterprises and shares in enterprises. The guidelines help introduce necessary structures and accreditations for an important sector. It is particularly important if we take into consideration the number of countries which do not have sufficient regulations – says David Bowes of FRICS, Bruce Sutherland & Co., the author of the guidelines.

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