„RICS Valuation – Professional Standards” in Polish

RICS presented an actual Polish version of a document titled „RICS Valuation – Professional Standards” which is about issues related to standards or ethical conflicts.

An actual Polish edition titled „RICS Valuation – Professional Standards” (so called Red Book) is the second translation dedicated to Polish professionals. In a new version i.a. some changes introduced after 2012 were taken into consideration, referring to International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC) which considers them as compulsory.

We translated Red Book with intention to support Polish experts whose clients demand evaluations performed in accordance with RICS standards. Our aim was also to popularize instructions included in the document concerning particularly conclusion of agreements for evaluation’s performance, conflict of interests or ethical code. Moreover, RICS introduces notions which are not present in currently effective regulations and which are worth considering in Polish practice. It is related to, for instance, companies subordinated to RICS regulations – says Agnieszka Jachowicz, MRICS, member of the board in RICS Poland.

At present, a team verifying translation of Red Book is comparing records included in the document along with effective regulations in Polish law system. The effect of their work will be analysis of an abstract. It will enable the application of Red Book in practice and present i.a. requirements which should be met by Polish experts in order to perform evaluation in accordance with RICS regulations. The document will be also an instruction for foreign experts who work on Polish market. Furthermore, the analysis will be devoted to comparison of definitions occurring in Polish as well as RICS regulations.

We were very careful during working on Polish translation of Red Book so to respect foregoing achievements of Polish organizations of experts which have a great input in regulation of crucial issues for this profession. However, RICS has much longer history in the area of such questions like concluding agreements or conflict of interests and here it may be a huge support for them – explains Agnieszka Jachowicz.

Red Book of RICS is a basic document which regulates issues concerning cooperation and concluding agreements with clients. It is a set of rules, primarily ethical, which every expert should follow in order to perform his evaluation properly – comments Maciej Wójcikiewicz, senior director in CBRE evaluation department who participated in works on translation.

In response to global financial crisis, a new regulation initiative appeared – Valuer Registration (VR) which monitors all registered members who follow regulations described in Red Book in their occupation as an expert.

Polish version of the document was prepared by translation company. In respect of a substantive aspect, it was verified by group of property valuers with MRICS title which included: Agnieszka Jachowicz, BZ WBK; Krzysztof Jarocki, JLL; Kamil Kowa, Ernst and Young; Grzegorz Chmielak, Knight Frank; Arek Bielecki, DTZ; Maciej Wójcikiewicz, CBRE; Kamila Szafrańska, Savills; Marta Jurek-Maciak, Polish Properties. The document is available on RICS Poland website.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is an international organization which gathers professionals connected with property and construction trade. It was founded in Great Britain in 1868 in order to promote development of professional qualifications, maintain the highest standards and strict obey of ethical code. RICS functions in accordance with following departments: Great Britain, Europe (continental), MENEA (Middle and Close East as well as Africa), America, Asia, Oceania and India, gathering nearly 100 000 specialists all over the world.

RICS Poland was founded in 1991 by group of experts who noticed a necessity of introduction regulations on the property market after political transformation. Currently, it associates over 200 members among leading companies and organizations functioning on the broadly understood property market.


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