DTZ administrator of Libra Business Center

Office buidling Libra Business Center in Warsaw
Office buidling Libra Business Center in Warsaw
DTZ company has been elected as an administrator of the modern office building Libra Business Center in Warsaw.

The owner of the office building Libra Business Center is the company Mermaid Properties. The company DTZ has been elected as its administrator.

The office building Libra Business Center is located in Jerozolimskie Avenue, about 4 km from the Warsaw's city centre. It comprises 16,000 sq m of A-class office space. It is characterised by both a good connection to other Warsaw's districts and a high-quality lease. The office building is distinguished by energy-saving solutions as described in regulations of the EU programme GreenBuilding.  

“Libra Business Center is the ideal project for leaseholders looking for a high-quality office space in a good price. It is located close to main Warsaw's arteries and next to Warsaw's suburban light rail line stop (WKD) which facilitates arrival from the city centre,” underlines Zuzanna Paciorkiewicz, director of Property Management Business Space, at DTZ, “the loaction in the first line of buildings from the side of Jerozolimskie Avenue guarantees also the perfect display of a leaseholder's logo if  placed on the building. DTZ will be responsible for full management services, that is, administrative, technical and economical/financial management.”

Leaseholders are i.a. Infovide-Matrix, Polish Scientific Publishers PWN, MERMAID Properties, Canon Polska.

DTZ a UGL is occupied i.a. by mediation in leasing of commercial, office and storage areas as well as integrated commercial management services, capital markets, investments and building counselling and pricing.

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