New colors of DTZ

New logo of DTZ
DTZ company conducted a process concerning change of a brand image. The rebranding was preceded by a take over of the partnership by a private investment consortium with TPG Capital Management ahead.

The new logo is maintained in a red coloring, which was applied by this partnership in the past, and it constitutes a return to beginning of functioning of the organization. The new branding of DTZ company is supposed to reflect „independence, dependability and durability” as well as inform about a present position of the partnership as a private and international consulting company in the area of commercial properties. The change of image is a result of taking over of the company in November 2014 by a private investment consortium managed by TPG Capital Management, one of the biggest and the best prospering investment funds of a private equity type in the world.


Thanks to a global range and familiarity of local markets we may provide services all over the world. We are supported by a private investment consortium – private equity, which invests in development of our partnerships, employees and applied technologies. A development is our aim, not only quantitative, but mainly qualitative. We want to develop our new possibilities in strategic benefits for the most demanding clients who are concentrated on limited number of relations with deliverers but at the same time they expect services on the highest level and expansion of a geographical range. The re-use of a red color in our logotype symbolizes another stage in the history of our company – says John Forrester, Chief Executive, EMEA, DTZ.    

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