Erbud is going to build an office building in Hanover

Visualisation of office building Eurocentrum in Warsaw
Visualisation of office building Eurocentrum in Warsaw
GWI GmbH, a subsidiary of Erbud S.A, has signed two contracts for construction of a new office building in Hanover, Germany.

The value of two contracts signed by  GWI GmbH, the subsidiary of Erbud S.A., amounts to €6,5 million. According to contracts, the company is to build the office building Aegidientorplatz 2 in Havover, Germany.

The first contract amounts to  €2,6 million nett and assumes that during construction of  Aegidientorplatz 2 a raw state will be carried out to the second underground level. The deadline is due to 25 October 2013.

The subject of the second contract is construction of above named office building in a raw state. The contract signed by  GWI GmbH amounts to €3,9 million nett. Contract execution will last from 25 October 2013 to May 2014.

Erbud S.A. owns 85% of shares in GWI GmbH. The Erbud Group operates in the building industry and performs services in the volume buildings industry, public utilities, engineering and road industry and electric power industry. The company is present on market both  in Poland and other European countries. The Group earns the annual income of 1,5 billion PLN and is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

The biggest Erbud's project executed in Poland is the building  Eurocentrum in Warsaw that amounts to 336,7 million PLN nett. The Group is involved also in construction of the Head Office of the Marshall and the Regional Parliament of the Wielkopolska Region in Poznań which amounts to 133,5 million PLN nett. Other Erbud's projects are i.a. the first stage of Office Park Łopuszańska in Warsaw, BAYER office building in Warsaw and Innopolis Wrocław, buildings Delta and Omega.

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