Consulting is increasing in popularity

Consultancy Department at CBRE has recorded an increase in demand on professional consultant services related to the real estate market.

CBRE operates on the commercial real estate market. According to recent analyses, the amount of purchase and sale transactions of grounds together with demand for professional consulting services among developers have considerably increased.

“Development Consultancy Department specialises in carrying out purchase and sale transactions of grounds of various functions, offering at the same time extensive analyses, reports and researches of investment profitability which allow us to give our clients the precise description of final best potential of a particular real estate. I believe that our specialists help our Clients in making best decisions,” says Karina Kreja, Director of Development Consultancy Department at CBRE.

The total transaction value with participation of Consultancy Department at CBRE amounted to 366 million PLN in 2012. Sold or bought grounds in total amount to the area of 75,500 sq m which equals the build-up area of 182,000 sq m.  

At the moment the company's consultancy department  handles projects which encompass grounds of the area over 850,000 sq m out of which the area of about 1 million sq m could be built up. Currently, one of the most essential CBRE's activities is consultancy in the sale of three office projects in the centre of Warsaw, each with the development area over 40,000 sq m.

“To us, the market is very demanding. A consultant's role both in purchase and sale transactions is extremely essential, mainly due to huge price pressure and at the same time the small number of available grounds in crucial and proven locations. With the growth of economic barometers and increase of demand for various types of real estate, companies are searching for specialists who would create for them different scenarios, would advise what to build, what to sell, and with what to wait,” says Mikołaj Martynuska, Director of Development Consultancy Department at CBRE.

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