CEO of GRAPHISOFT on the BIM Technology

On March 11-13, CEO of GRAPHISOFT will visit Poland to give two lectures concerning the BMI technology.

Viktor Várkonyi is the CEO of GRAPHISOFT the producer of  ArchiCAD. He is going to visit Poland on March 11-13 and give two lectures on the BIM technology. Várkonyi will also discuss the changes it will bring about in the upcoming years, when it is introduced in designing and investment in the construction sector. The CEO of  GRAPHISOFT will also present the Open BIM system, which will enable open cooperation between the engineers working in various industries, regardless of the programming they use.

On Tuesday, March 12, at 12 pm  Viktor Várkonyi is going to give a lecture at the Architecture Department at The Warsaw University of Technology (55 Koszykowa Street), entitled "Building Information Modelling (BIM) – A Powerful Tool in Architects' Hands". On the following day, he is going to discuss the issue of ""Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Open BIM – An Approaching Revolution in the Construction Industry", visiting  Centrum Promocji Kultury (Centre of Promotion of the Culture) on 23 Brukselska Street, Saska Kępa, Warsaw at 1 pm.
Várkonyi's speeches will be followed by discussion panels. The fist meeting is dedicated mainly to architects and the students of architecture, while the next one will be addressed mainly to the representatives from construction companies and the people involved in construction investments who are interested in the Open BIM. System.

If you are interested in attending the meetings, please register on and fill in the form published on this website.
GRAPHISOFT is also known as the producer of architectural design programming. It is the leading promoter of the BIM technology. Their main product is  ArchiCAD, the first application introducing the BIM technology.

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