Seven new permits in Kraków industrial area.

On March 7th in Kraków, seven permits will be given to the new investors.

On March 7th at 11:30am in the conference hall of Małopolski Urząd Wojewódzki in Kraków, the inauguration of permits handover will take place. The permits will be given to the investors of industrial area. Andrzej Harężlak, Małopolska voivode, Stanisław Sorys, the board member of Małopolska voivodeship, KPT board and the representatives of the companies and the parishes were the investments will be allocated were participating in this event.

Since the beginning of 2013, Krakowski Park Technologiczny gave seven new permits, which transfer into 214.09 million PLN worth investments and a creation of 723 new work places.

The investors who were handed the permits in 2013 are Dinozatorland sp. z o.o., Ekowafel M. Łysoń, M. Wnętrzak sp.j., Valeo Autosystemy sp. z o.o., Motorola Solutions Systems Polska sp. z o.o., Dan Cake Polonia sp. z o.o. oraz S.A.

Dinozatorland sp. z o.o. deals with a repair and maintenance of the transportation and construction equipment. The capital expenditure of the company constitute more than 3.3 million PLN.

Ekowafel M. Łysoń, M. Wnętrzak sp.j is a waffle and sweet company. The capital expenditure of the company is 2.5 million PLN, and its aim is the production expansion and the implementation of innovative technology, related to the production of the semi-finished products, so called corn pellets.

Valeo Autosystemy sp. z o.o. belongs to an international Valeo Group, which produces componentry and car systems. The company has received two permits, both of them are related to the expansion of the existing factory. Jointly Valeo Autosystemy will create about 513 work places and Invest at least 129.79 million PLN.

Motorola Solutions Systems Polska sp. z o.o is a part of an international group Motorola Solutions, Inc. which produces communication solutions for the companies and public security organizations. The partnership plans a development of the Finance Operation Service Centers projects, Business Processes (BPO), IT and programming engineering development in leased office spaces. It will cause a creation of at least 150 work places and the capital expenditures of 0.5 million  PLN.

Dan Cake Polonia sp. z o.o. which belongs to an international KM Group, products ready-made bakery produce. The company plans to expand its production plant. The partnership will create 50 work places and will invest 55 million PLN. S.A. is a colportage leader in advertising and addressed and door drop mailings. The partnership’s capital expenditure will be 23 million PLN and will create 10 new work places.

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