Cushman & Wakefield starts Pro-environmental Campaign

Consulting company, Cushman & Wakefield lunches pro-environmental campaign among office building tenants, which they manage.

First day of spring is a good time to take pro-environmental actions, which aim at reducing energy consumption in the office buildings. This allows to lower the operating costs of the companies and reduce our negative impact of our activities on the environment. We have prepared so-called “Green Guide” designed for office managers, which includes a description of simple pro-environmental solutions, says Piotr Brzostek, operational manager in real estate property section in Cushman & Wakefield.

Cushman & Wakefield wants to incorporate the office building tenants in a pro-environmental action, to creates green jobs without large amount of financial and organizational expenditure. The company emphasizes that it is enough to change few employee habits and few simple solutions. On March 21st, Cushman & Wakefield, with the cooperation of Sten Recycling, has organized the electrical waste raise in the Metropolitan office building.

Cushman & Wakefield  also stresses the importance of the office buildings which obtained ecological certificates. According to the company data holding and seeking LEED or BREEAM certificate is more than 2 mln sqm.

More and more office buildings have green certificates, but the impact on the real estate’s functioning have people working in those companies. Therefore, initiatives which promote pro-environmental attitudes among tenants are important. About 75 per cent of materials used for office decoration are recyclables. On the other hand, the energy constitutes up to 30 per cent of the property exploitation costs, says Piotr Brzostek.


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