Nearly 25 000 Sqm Managed By Cushman & Wakefield

Sagittarius Business House
Sagittarius Business House
Cushman & Wakefield international consulting company is a new manager of the Wrocław Sagittarius Business House office building.

Cushman & Wakefield is a global leading consulting company which specializes in services delivered to the commercial real estate market. The company supports tenants and owners of properties in execution of their business plans. C&W hires 48 thousand employees in ca. 400 office buildings and 70 countries all over the world. The most important services delivered by the company are: property, object and design management, mediation in lease, service of transactions on capital markets, appraisals, etc. No wonder that customers don’t hesitate to choose this company for their new manager.


The similar situation concerns the leading German company which manages technical alternative funds that invest in real estates – Warburg-HIH Invest Real Estate (Warburg-HIH Invest), which is the manager of the building. The company manages the assets of the value amounting to ca. 6.9 billion euro.


The fact that Warburg-HIH Invest entrusts us with the management of its next office building proves that the company believes in our skills – says dr Zuzanna Paciorkiewicz, Partner, Business Space Asset Services, Cushman & Wakefield. – We’re convinced that our professionalism, experience and enthusiasm will result in even greater success and more effective commercialization of the building – says Grzegorz Dyląg, Associate in Property Management Department at Cushman & Wakefield.


Sagittarius Business House is an office building class A commissioned in 2018. The investment offers 24 900 sqm of leasable space. It’s situated at the crossroads of Borowska and Sucha Streets in close proximity to the bus and railway station. Arcad studio from Kielce is responsible for the architectural design.


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