A New Office Block Next to the Hotel Novotel in Warsaw

Visualisation of the office block, by Kuryłowicz & Associates.
Visualisation of the office block, by Kuryłowicz & Associates.
A 27-storey office block will be erected on Nowogrodzka Street in Warsaw. The developer is Qualia Development.

Qualia Development is a company belonging to PKO Bank Polski’s capital group. It is going to develop an office block oposite the Novotel, on 35/41 Nowogrodzka Street. The project originated was created by Kuryłowicz & Associates, who want to create a compact, modern building which will fit the surroundings.

The building will consist of three major parts: a “dais” (levels 0 to 7), an “office tower” (levels 7 to 27) and a 5-storey underground parking lot. The ground floor and the first storey will house shops, offices and restaurants, while the storeys 2-7 will hold both offices and service points.

The lower part of the building will be accessed from Marszałkowska and Nowogrodzka streets. There will be also a separate entrance to the tower on Nowogrodzka street.

In the generally accessible part on lower stories there will be a covered patio. According to the plans, it may hold a cafe or a year-round restaurant-garden.

The developer and the designer consider applying for the LEED certificate, so the construction will meet LEED requirements.

The grounds on which the office block will be erected is presently built-over. There are two buildings, which are going to be demolished: an office block belonging to PKO Bank Polski and a building which constitutes a part of the frontage on Marszałkowska street. The new office block will be adjacent to Wolf Marszałkowska.

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