Construction of Olivia Four has started

Office builidng Olivia Four, one of the buildings belonging to the complex Olivia Business Centre in Gdańsk
Visualisation of the office building Olivia Four in Gdańsk
Three buildings belonging to the complex Olivia Business in Gdańsk have been commissioned. At the moment the construction of the fourth one is starting.

The complex Olivia Business Centre comprises three completed buildings: Olivia Gate, Olivia Tower and Olivia Point. The construction of fourth one has already started. Olivia Four will offer 12 500 sq m of floor space. The completion of works is planned for March 2014. The whole complex will consist of seven buildings with the total space of 120 000 sq m.

"Because of huge interest  from potential tenants we had to change the building's project and the fourth building will have twelve storeys instead of previuously planned six ones," says Maciej Kotarski from the TPS company, the Olivia Business Centre developer.

The newest building offers diversified spaces of each storey. The top storeys will offer space from 1 000 to 1 300 sq m. In addition, lower storeys are connected with each other which provides the possibility of creating bigger rooms. The largest storey will offer 4 000 sq m.

"Especially big companies are interested in such storeys, because their huge area will enable them to locate all their offices on one floor. This solution is cheaper because it doesn't include space necessary for communication between the floors; and additionally, it is more comfortable in everyday use. All the time we are working very hard to extend our offer so that it would be attractive from the present and future tenants' point of view. We have signed a number of lease agreements with other companies interested in locating their offices in our building, among others with a huge insurance company, which name we will soon make public. Three other companies are waiting for the completion of finishing and adaptation works so that they could move in. The top storeys of Olivia Tower are already leased to a management board of a certain big company which name I cannot disclose," comments Maciej Kotarski.

The office space is rented by such companies as: T-Mobile, Starbucks, Sii, PwC, PKO BP, Meritum Bank, Energa SA, Bayer Service Center Gdańsk and American Bureau of Shipping.

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