Polnord and Grupa Waryński to Develop an Office and Residential Building in Warsaw

The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection has given consent to Polnord and Grupa Waryński to create a special purpose entity, which is going to develop "Stacja Kazimierz” in Warsaw.

"Stacja Kazimierz” ("Kazimierz Station”), the first stage of our investment project executed together with Polnord, as well as our office building on Orgona street, are our contributions to the modernisation process which this part of the Wola district is undergoing. I have no doubts that the entire complex will stand out from similar ones in the district, as both its name and design are interesting. Since our companies signed the investment agreement, all joint works have been proceeding according to the planned schedule. Therefore, I believe that construction works in „Stacja Kazimierz” will begin as early as at the beginning of 2014. - says Jarosław Jankowski, president of the management board at Waryński Holdings.

Having formed a special purpose entity, Polnord and Grupa Waryński are going to execute an investment project constructing an office and residential building on Jana Kazimierza street in Warsaw. At the first stage of the project, 8,000 sq m of living space and 600 sq m of customer service space will be created. The complex will be designed by the SAMI Architekci studio from Warsaw.

Presently, the Wola is the fastest developing district in Warsaw when it comes to the number of newly created apartments. "Stacja Kazimierz” holds a great potential as a project, which will help Polnord to establish their presence on the Warsaw market and will diversify the choice of available apartments in the city. Consequently, it will be easier for us to reach the goal of selling 1,500-2,000 apartments per year. - says Piotr Wesołowski,president of the management board at Polnord JSC.

The project is currently being prepared for execution. The companies plan to obtain the zoning decision in June 2013 and the construction permit – in December 2013. Construction works will begin in 2014.

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