ECO "Pacific" in Warsaw

A visualisation of the office building "Pacific" in Warsaw (courtesy of Warbud).
Warbud has signed an agreement for construction of an office building at Domaniewskiej street in Warsaw.

A new office building “Pacific” is going to be erected at the junction of Domaniewskiej and Pęcherskiej streets in Warsaw. The investor is Kronos Pacific LLC.

The general constructor, Warbud, is to erect an office building with service points and an underground parking lot. Additionally, the company will be responsible for premises design and obtaining the occupancy permit. The project envisages the construction of three wings – western, central and eastern – surrounding northern courtyard. The building will be divided horizontally into three usable areas: underground storeys (-1 and -2) for utility rooms and a parking lot, and storeys above ground (1 to 8) which will hold offices. The ground floor will be dedicated to service activities.

The shape of the building and its elevation are going to be characterised by a distinct difference between the office storeys and the uppermost part. The glass façade will be constructed as a curtain wall. On the southern, eastern and western walls the building will utilise a double-skin facade, which provides additional protection against the wind, sunlight and noise. In between two layers of double-skin facade there will be an intermediate cavity ventilating the side of the elevation exposed to the sun's rays.

Pacific is going to apply for the BREEAM certificate, which will confirm that ecological and low-energy materials & solutions were utilised in the construction.

The building will be 30 metres high and it will offer 28,453 sq m of total space, including 26,849 sq m of usable area.

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May 29, 2013 at 2:14 PM