Delta 44 is free to be used

Lessees can now move to Delta 44 office building
In the building, there are office, commercial and service space.
The office, commercial and service complex in Wrocław has received an occupancy permit. It belongs to Vantage Developement.

The District Construction Supervision Inspector have issued an occupancy permit for Delta 44 office building, located in the center of Wrocław, in front of PKP railway station. Inspection did not detect any obstacles for the building to be used. Delta 44 has got office, commercial and service purpose and is provided with necessary technical infrastructure and elements of land development.

This decision means that first lessees, who are going to run office, commercial and service work, can now move to Delta 44.

Delta 44 complex is yet another investment of Vantage Development, whose offer is targeted at business. We are very pleased with a very quick, and, what's even more important, positive decision of The District Construction Supervision Inspector, because the interest in hiring space in the office building is very big and it only confirms our belief that Wrocław is a city with great potential, which is developing very fast – Edward Laufer, The President of Vantage Development said.

Delta 44 is located near Dąbrowskiego street. It offers over 2700 sq meters of office space and over 1000 sq meters of commercial space. On -1 level, a supermarket is located with a direct entrance from main street.

The architectural project was prepared by ASPA studio. Their idea is to create space with the rooms from 30 sq meters to even 700 sq meters on the same level. The users of office and service space can count on the possibility of adapting them to their individual needs.

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