What offices are currently chosen by companies?


Dzielna 60, pic Ochnik Development
Dzielna 60, pic Ochnik Development
Companies – the work of which is based on creative team's cooperation – prefer to work in small offices. Corporations, in turn, more frequently move into skyscrapers.

Many companies consider location and quality of area – among offers envisaged in a planned budget – as the fundamental criteria in the process of choosing an office. Employees more frequently pay attention to a type and quality of a building in which they are going to spend several hours a day. The choice between a big office structure and small office is related to a business profile of a company. The chairman of Ochnik Development points out that companies have now much higher expectations than in the past – when a car park, elevator and canteen were quite enough for them: Tenants are searching for convenient locations. At present, an office is not only a place of work but also a place of meetings where it is easy to relax. 


Companies are becoming to compete with each other in order to co-opt a specialized personnel and they often take over some employees from the other rival companies. However, it is necessary to offer an expert something more than a good remuneration and system of training courses in order to induce him to change his work. Typical open space – on which many employees are located in six-packs on a small area – is replaced by convenient and modern space equipped with various functions intended for employees – believes Henryk Wojciechowski, Chairman for Development and Commercialization, Vantage Development – a company which is realizing the Promenady Business Park complex in Wrocław. – Tenants appreciate not only the standard of an office but also attractiveness of area around a building in which their headquarters is to be realized. A good communication and proximity to bus or tram stops are really important as well as the number of car parks for vehicles and bicycles – adds Wojciechowski.  


Companies which respect creativeness and feeling of independency enhancing by originally arranged offices more frequently search for areas in smaller buildings. The interiors of small offices are perfect to unconventional arrangement in comparison to standard modules offered in large structures. Smaller buildings are often chosen by companies which function in the area of marketing, advertisement, media and by these which perform creative works for business, for instance – architectural studios. People who work in such structures are mainly expected to be enthusiasts of cooperation and they more rarely compete with each other. Smaller buildings provide them with interesting solutions and friendly surroundings.    


The modernized industrial buildings in the Warsaw Dzielna 60 complex offer loft offices in a study, open space or mixed form depending on expectations reported by companies. The industrial area with noticeable elements of former load-bearing structures opens up greater arrangement possibilities than a standard area and it allows to make some possible changes much more quickly – says Jacek Ochnik.   


The office is equipped with the most modern security systems, for instance an electronic access control. It also offers classical modules which are often designed for open space areas. However, it is more difficult to create atmosphere favoring informal communication and free exchange of thoughts in such a building.
As a general rule, the necessity of maintenance of corporate governance in big and feudal organizations makes that mainly big offices, business service centers or multiple-part enterprises – frequently conducting business activities on international markets – move into glazed office complexes.


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Goldi :
Ten biurowiec na Dzielnej z pewnością nadaje się dla kreatywnych firm, które cenią sobie fajną przestrzeń do pracy. Można mieć biuro w lofcie, jest strefa relaksu, fajne miejsce
June 25, 2015 at 2:05 PM