A new seat of P.R.E.S.C.O in Piła

A visualisation of P.R.E.S.C.O's new seat in Piła
The office building is to be commissioned in 2014
The company, which deals with mass debts in Poland, has just presented a visualization of its new seat.

A new operation centre of P.R.E.S.C.O Group will be erected at 6 Witaszka Street in Piła. A modern office building with class A elements is to offer the space of altogether 2 500 sqm on 3 storeys. The building’s elevation will be made of glass and stone, whereas its hues will reflect the company’s colours. The structure is expected to be commissioned in 2014.

The investment assumes extensive renovations of the present structure and its development in Staszica Square direction. Consequently, the first high-standard office block of this kind will appear on Piła’s map. We want to obtain all the permits in Autumn, so as to begin refurbishment and construction works before the end of the year. We expect that the construction will be completed in 2014 – says Wojciech Andrzejewski, the Vice-President of P.R.E.S.C.O. GROUP.

The main occupant of the structure will be P.R.E.S.C.O. company, which is also the property’s owner. It is to move in to higher storeys, and this is where the company’s operation centre in Piła will be established. The ground floor is to be predominantly leased to external entities. According to a plan, it will be occupied by firms from financial, insurance and legal sector, and also a restaurant with a garden for outside dining.

The office building’s owners are one of the leaders in mass receivables trading market in Poland. P.R.E.S.C.O. Group deals mainly with acquiring debt packages, which their original owners found difficult to recover. Then the company pursues their payment on its own account, firstly amicably, and if necessary – through legal action.

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