ECO Road infrastructure is created around Alchemia

Alchemia in Gdańsk
Alchemia in Gdańsk
Works at shared zone at Alchemia office investment in Gdańsk are in progress.

Each big investment in city centre demands taking proper care of road infrastructure, which will not only keep smooth traffic flow, but also provide safety. Currently, shared zones are constructed as a part of Alchemia in Gdańsk. By the end of July at Aleja Grunwaldzka a right turn to for entering the building' area will have been created. Then, the construction of a tunnel from Fast City Rail is to begin.

In the 1st phase of the project we will create an additional traffic lane for entering the investment area for those driving in Sopot direction. The works will last till the end of July. In the 2nd phase a construction of an intersection with a left turn is planned, namely, an entry lane for those driving in the centre of Gdańsk's direction, bus bays with new pedestrian crossings and traffic lights – informs Edyta Korycka from Torus company, which is the developer of Alchemia in Gdańsk.

Torus aims at creating optimal conditions not only for occupants, but also for local community. The construction of a tunnel from Fast City Rail will begin in mid-August. It is to be an extension of the already existing descent from FCR Gdańsk Przymorze-Uniwerystet under the railwaytrack towards Aleja Grunwaldzka, shops and office buildings, and to Hala Olivia through Alchemia area. The cost of the investment is to be covered by Torus company.

Currently, demolition works of the building situated in close proximity to Alchemia's 1st phase are proceeding. This area is designated for the 2nd phase of the project.

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