ECO Green building in Służewiec district

Schindler company will occupy the office building in Służewiec district
HRA Architekci Studio developed a project of the new Schindler company office building in Warszawa. The construction works are scheduled to begin in spring 20014.

Służewiec district – Warsaw business centre – has been chosen as the location of the project. Accepting the selected architectural design is the result of a competition announced by the investor and the Union of Polish Architects. Designs taking part in the competitions were to answer the expectations of the company regarding sustainable solutions and guaranteeing comfort in all office rooms.

The Ground Jury comprising of representatives of the company and architects and experts in functional and environmentally friendly methods of interior design awarded three main prizes and 2 honorable mentions. The authors of five best designs selected in the first stage of the competition were invited to discuss the details of the future business centre. The negotiations were based on checking whether all assumptions of the design can be realized, and if they meet the conditions defined by Schindler company.

The results of detailed analysis of the winning designs were conducted to state clearly which project will allow to construct a building with low energy consumption and parameters which will qualify the building to receive Swiss “Minergie” energy-saving certificate. All the designs were highly evaluated but the expectations of the company and the Union of Polish Architects were met to the greatest extend by HRA Architekci Studio. Andrzej Jeż, Financial Director of Schindler Poland, comments on the decision: The design created by HRA Architekci Studio is the most compatible with the character of the brand and its Swiss origins. The designers managed to meet our assumptions most accurately and  answered our expectations regarding energy-saving aspect of the building. The choice of this design was also supported by the most effective use of financial resources.

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