BWW Law & Tax Firm will represent Ideal Idea

Visualisation of Ideal Idea Park
Visualisation of Ideal Idea Park
BWW Law & Tax Firm has been chosen to be a consultant at the construction, commercialization and sale of Ideal Idea Park III warehouse and office space.

BWW Law & Tax Firm will represent IDEAL IDEA, a developer responsible for SBU (small business units) projects, during the works on another project in Warszawa - Ideal Idea Park III.

The firm will cooperate with the developer at all stages of the project, beginning with property purchase, through construction works, commercialization and sale of commercialized and operating warehouse and office space.

BWW already had the pleasure to advise on a project for Ideal Idea – we handled every project so far realized from the moment of the Investor’s decision to purchase undeveloped property, through the process of selecting the general contractor, commercialization and finally selling the ready project to one of the leading property funds. We are very pleased with the long-term cooperation at all these stages – says Michał Wielhorski, partner in BWW,  Law & Tax Firm, leader of IDEAL IDEA consulting team.

Ideal Idea Park III is a warehouse and offices park which eventually will comprise of four buildings. It will be developed in the SBU way. In total it will provide 3100 square meters of office space and 8700 square meters of warehouse modules directly joined with the offices. The first two buildings measuring 11 800 square meters will be commissioned to use at the turn of September and October 2013.

The project is a new element of IDEAL IDEA’s portfolio which already built and sold Ideal Idea Park and Ideal Idea Park II. The value of the first project amounted to over 33 m PLN, the second – 27 m PLN. BWW was cooperating on both projects.

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