ECO Hines manages Sterlinga Business Center

Sterlinga Business Center in Łódź
Sterlinga Business Center in Łódź
Hines began the management of Sterlinga Business Center office building in Łódź at the beginning of September.

Hines, an international property consultant, enriched its portfolio of properties managed in Poland. So far the company was responsible for New City office building in Mokotów district of Warszawa and 5 logistic properties in Warszawa, Sosnowiec, Będzin and Wrocław. Including Sterlinga Business Center, Hines will now manage over 270 000 square meters of office and logistic space.

Sterlina Business Center was completed in 2010 and it is owned by Hines as well. It is located at Sterlinga Street 8A in Łódź and provides over 13 400 square meters of class A office space on 9 overground storeys. It is the first building in Łódź which managed to get BREEAM certification. Currently 95% of the project is rented by companies such as Tate & Lyle, Rule Financial, Takeda, BRE Bank and Philips.

At the beginning of 2012 we decided to add investment activity and property management to our business activities in Poland. For Hines in Poland these are, besides property development activities, quickly developing lines of business – says Mieczysław Godzisz, president of the management board of Hines Polska. Thus the strategy in Poland develops according to the model testes on other markets, but today in Poland we have the possibility to develop the three business pillars alongside (property development, investment and management) more dynamically than on more mature markets, with slower rate of growth. For sure, we will use this opportunity and managing SBC building is a part of the plan.

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