Office and residential complex in Poznań awaits investors

PKS Poznań S.A. sells real property in Poznań, which can accommodate offices, service and trade premises and flats.

The asking price of the real property of PKS Poznań S.A. is over 116 M. PLN. The area in question is situated at the Stanisława Matyi 1 Street. It currently serves as a bus station, which is going to be relocated into Zintegrowane Centrum Komunikacyjne (Integrated Communication Centre).

Surface of the parcel is 3,2864 ha. A potential investor will be able to begin construction works shortly after acquiring the area in order to acquire the building permit. The land development decision from April 2013 allows four office and service premises and two multi-family residential buildings with a ground floor designed for service locals to be built.

According to an architectural concept developed by Pracownia Architektoniczna Grzegorza Czerwińskiego the parcel will accommodate a service and residential complex which will offer office and service space (62 670 sqm), commercial and service space (15 335  m2) as well as residential space (20 370 sqm). Additionally the project allows for 1172 parking lots.

The real property auction is scheduled for 18 October 2013 and the asking price is 116 173 000 pln.

Despite the fact that Poznań is an important centre of both service and BPO-SSC, the amount of modern office space present makes this 7th right after such cities as Łódź and Katowicie. Low unemployment rate and second, after Warsaw, position in terms of GDP indicates a great potential for the development of the local markets in the years that are yet to come. – says Kamila Bralczyk, Senior Consultant of the Developer Counselling Department, Sales and Acquisition of Lands, DTZ, a company cooperating with PKS Poznań S.A. over the sale of the property

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