ECO Opening of Plac Unii will take place in 12th of October.

Entrance to Plac Unii from Puławska street
Glassed roof over the precinct
At the end of the second week of October 2013 the official opening of multifunctional Plac Unii complex in Warsaw will take place.

Plac Unii complex is being created on the borders of Śródmieście and Mokotów districts in Warsaw along Boya-Żeleńskiego and Puławska streets. The official opening will take place on Saturday, 12th of October 2013. The commercial part of the location will be open since noon and will operate by the name Plac Unii City Shopping. A drawer and illustrator Tomek Sadurski is responsible for visual identification and the campaign connected with the opening of the mall.

The last phase of building’s construction, connected with the work on the interior, is currently underway. The complex includes three buildings which offer a total of 56 800 msq of rentable space, from which 41 300 msq will be offices and 15 500 msq a three storey high mall. Buildings are connected with a glass roof situated thirty meters above the ground. A 21 level sky-scraper is right next to the complex. The inspiration for this structure came from one of the first world’s sky-scrapers – Flatiron in New York. The project of Plac Unii was made in APA Kuryłowicz & Associates, under the guidance of Professor Stefan Kuryłowicz.  

The construction is conducted in accordance with the requirements of balanced construction. In 2012, both parts of the complex have received very Good Mark in BREEAM certificate. Plac Unii is created by Group Liebrech & wooD, which is the primary investor (with 60% of shares), and BBI Development NFI S.A.

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