ECO Leaseholders don’t want to pay more for green office buildings.

Although the majority of office buildings currently under construction are trying to receive an ecological certificate, leaseholders are unwilling to pay higher rents for ‘green’ space.

The balanced construction in Poland is constantly developing, but the way to create a completely self-sufficient in terms of energy location is a long one. Problems arise not only in terms of economy or technology, but also in the leaseholders’ interest. They are unwilling to pay more for space in certified locations. Leaseholders are not willing to pay more when only because they’re in environmental friendly building. Ecological certificate has become a standard on the market rather fast, but it does not make the leaseholders pay 1- 1,5 euro more for meter square – states Jarosław Zagórski, trade and development manager in Ghelamco Poland.

Such situation among the renters causes a problem for developers as they have to pay more for a balanced building. They have to use special technologies and ecological construction materials as well as project stage solutions to get the certificate.

Nevertheless, one can notice a significant trend for investing in ecologic certificates. Jarosław Zagórski predicts that in several years, environmental friendly buildings will become a standard on the market. However, that doesn’t mean they’ll be energetically self-sufficient. We realize that government suggests that buildings should be self-sufficient, meaning they should produce at least as much energy as they’re using. Unfortunately, costs connected with the use of contemporary technologies still make that impossible. I think we will eventually reach this point when the production scale, with the law and market requirements, will make this come true. Still, it’s impossible to predict when this will happen – comments Zagórski.

The situation is complicated also because big commercial real estate requires more energy. Photovoltaic panels along with other methods of energy production cannot fully make up for it.

Trade director in Ghelamco underlines the fact that balanced construction is not only energy-efficient. We have a broade perspective of it, not only in terms of energetic balance but also building’s functionality and materials used. We are trying to use environmental friendly materials. In terms of functionality I would like to give an example of the infrastructure we have to provide for people arriving at work on bikes. We implement showers, drying-rooms and free of charge parking spaces for bikes – he states. 

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