Modlin airport depends on Ryanair and charters

Ryanair, Irish airlines, have made their return to Modlin airport. It is merely a beginning of creation of this airport’s status.

Last week, after a 9 months break, Ryanair have made their return to Modlin, which are scheduled to fly on 26 courses. Wizz Air, another low-cost airline, has not decided to switch from generally more expensive but much better located Chopin Airport.

The airlines that are considered to be “worse” and which are probably the most predatory and demanding have returned. One may argue that this situation does not leave the airport in an ideal situation. On the other hand, the situation in which the airport deals with the airlines that will develop the outgoing connections and knows its ropes than a situation in which the airport remained vacant. On the side note, Wizz Air has been granted a very favourable promotional package by Chopin airport. Not because it is Wizz Air, but owing to the rules imposed by Chopin Airport, every airline that meets the said conditions will receive the packet. – says Sebsatian Gościnek, an aviation market expert from BBSG company.

The package offered by Chopin Airport makes Wizz Air reluctant about the return to Modlin to such an extent that they do not plan on it in the near future. What may have had an influence on this decision is the competition between Irish and Hungarian airlines. Ryanair made numerous attempts to “devastate” Wizz Air, by means of opening the same courses in very similar time slots. Wizz Air being unable to establish their foothold in Modlin, decided on to grow stronger as a competitor by situating their base of operation in a much more accessible airport that offers decent financial conditions. – comments Sebastian Gościniarek.

The biggest drawback of the Modlin airport is its accessibility, especially for travelling from Warsaw and the southern region of Mazowsze. Modlin will be troubled by the issue of its accessibility. The transport connection with the rest of the province (voivoidship) will leave much to be desired as long as the rail transport creating a direct connection with the terminal is absent.  – says an expert from BBSG company.

The environmental issues, that may block the further development of the port, are also problematic. The airport neighbours with the area under protection of Natura 2000 which restricts its capacity to 2 M. of passengers a year. If Ryanair was to expect a rapid development or if other competitors, either low cost airlines or air charter companies, were to begin their activity, then the limit of 2 M. passengers would be reached in no time. – explains Sebastian Gościnek.

 According to the expert, the new airlines might choose Modlin, but this might happen in the long run. I have always claimed, and I still claim, that the Modlin Airport is a very good and forward-looking idea. In my opinion the current client base will consist mostly of air charter companies. We can take into account some of the smaller, low-cost airlines, who will be eager to operate from Modlin. However it is not going to be a dynamic leap – it is going to be more of a slow and laborious process of establishing the airports position – says Sebastian Gościniarek.

In December last year, Wojewódzki Inspektor Nadzoru Budowlanego (Province Building Control Inspector) withdrew the use permission for the runway, on the grounds of the holes in the runway’s surface might pose a danger to safety. Because of the repair works that lasted for several months Wizz Air and Ryanair were forced to relocate to Chopin Airport.  In late June Civil Aviation Office approved the permission for resumption of air operations, but only the Irish airlines has decided to return.

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