Tenant's house of the Braniccy family will be modernized.

Visualization of renovated tenant's house of Braniccy familly in Warsaw
Visualization of offices in the tenant's house
Budizol will change the tenant's house by Smolna St. in Warsaw into a modern office building.

Braniccy Tenant's house is located by Smolna 40 St. in Warsaw. Budizol Sp. z o.o. plans to revitalize the location and adjust it to office operations.


The building is located in an area under strict supervision of heritage conservator and is on the local historical monuments list. The tenant's house was created after two years of construction in 1903 on the order of count Ksawery Branicki and is one of five buildings designed for the family on Smolna St. by Bronisław Brochowicz - Rogoyski. For of those structures, under the numbers 32 to 38, were created in the idea of houses being the exact reflection of one another. What made them unique was the ceramic covering on the facades. The fifth tenant's house, i.e. the one with the number 40, is different due to its rich decorations, suitable only for the seat of the count himself.


During the second world war the location has been bombed and partly burned. In the 70's the house has been rebuild and hasn't been renovated ever since.


The building is located in the hearth of Warsaw, close to Charles De Gaull's roundabout and Nowy Świat St.


The works will include the renovation of the building's elevation and interior (in order to create 'A' class office space) as well as construction and the trimming of the eastern annex and connecting it with the existing part of the tenant's house. Moreover, the existing courtyard will be utilized by covering it with glass roof and enclosing it with glass wall from the northern side. Budizol also wants to raise the level of the roof, equip the location in all necessary installations, illuminate the -1 level by the usage of glass elements, create a parking lot and use the space around the building.

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