Green light for the Poznan's Bałtyk

Garvest has received a permit for construction of Bałtyk office building in Poznań.

Piotr Voelkel and Garvest Real Estate, i.e. the ones responsible for the Poznan located investment, received the construction permit. Bałtyk will have 16 levels and will offer 25 000 sqm of space designed by a renowned architectural office MVRDV.


The office building will be built on the crossing of Roosevelta, Bukowska and Zwierzyniecka streets. Buildings from various periods are located near the location. One of the most beautiful locations in Ponzań, Poznan's Exhibitions hall is nearby, white with a neat spire is located vis-a-vis future Bałtyk. In the background we can see the raw and minimalistic dormitories from 1960s - describes the location Nathalie de Vries, the co-creator of MVRDV, which led the works on the project of the office building.


The current form of Bałtyk derives also from the requirements set by Maria Strzałko, City's Heritage Conservator in Pozna, who demanded several changes in the plan, such as connecting the building with Sheraton Hotel and gradual increase towards Mercure Hotel. The Dutch office has implemented some changes in the cuboid. The works on the project lasted two years and resulted in many blocks, from which one was approved by the heritage conservator but rejected by the office.


The final project can be seen on the visualizations. The office building's elevation derives from the Poznań's icon of modernism, the Okrąglak, which is the project of Marek Leykam.


The investment will be put into operation in 2016. The first two levels will be serve as service points, bars and pubs and on the next two will have a beautiful view on Poznań which will be enjoyed from windows of restaurant or the sole hotel room.


Bałtyk will be created on the borders of four out of total five districts of Poznań by the Światowid monument. Before the construction will be completed, the reconstruction and improvement of Kaponier Roundabout will be finished and the revitalization of neighboring Jeżyce will progress.


In the center of Poznań we're creating a space friendly to the citizens. It will be a place which will draw attention, facilitating the orientation in the neighborhood, creating active business and social life, modern, ambiguous... new technologies used during the construction, openness on people and their needs, vicinity with Concordia Design and Poznań's Exhibitions. Bałtyk is a testimony of Poznań's modern way of looking into the future - says Piotr Voelkel, one of the investors.


The name of the Bałtyk derives from a renowned cinema which stood in this place over 70 years ago, since 1929. The cinema unfortunately lost the battle with multiplexes. We plan to return to the idea of moving pictures. With the help of modern solutions, we want to preserve the unique climate of this place - comments Wim Perquy, Garvest Real Estate partner.


The office building will be created on the third part of the parcel. The remaining space will be for public use. The entrance on the side of Kaponiera will be utilized by pubs and bars while on the Concordia Design's side, an intimate square with coffee shops among the trees, a place for open space concerts, spectacles and movie projections.


A renowned, magical and unique space - such was Bałtyk. Here, the most important premieres took place and, while waiting in long lines to the cash desk, one could've drink some water from the saturator, eat a hot-dog or the first in Poznań 'Italian' ice cream. We want to preserve the social importance of this place and bring back the long gone, social character of the place - says Michał Włodarczyk from Garvest.


The construction works on Bałtyk will begin in 2014 and last for about 2 years.

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