Another tender for the real property of PKS Poznan

The real property in Poznan, in which an office and housing complex is still awaiting an investor.

PKS Poznan in co-operation with DTZ have announced the second tender for the real  property located at Stanislawa Matyi 1, Poznan. The first bidding took place on the 18th of October and the price of the land amounted to 116 m PLN. The next bidding was announced on the 8th. The price of the real property dropped to 98.7 m PLN.  In order to take part in the bidding one has to pay the 5 per cent of the asking price before the 11th of December. The  selection of the winning tender is planned for the 16th of December.


The area being the subject of the bidding has approximately 3 ha. Originally there was a bus station, which was relocated to Zintegrowane Centrum Komunikacyjne. In the end, there are going to be built two multi-family housing buildings with services on the ground floor, as well as four office and service buildings. Pracownia Architektoniczna Grzegorza Czerwinskiego is responsible for the architectural design.


The project involved construction of a complex which will offer 62 670 sq. m. of the office and service space, as well as 20 370 sq. m. of the living area (371 flats). Occupants will be able to make use of 1172 parking spaces.


The land development conditions decision of the said land  were determined in the Decission issued in the April of 2013.


The trump card of the real property is its location in the very centre of Poznan. It is one of the few lands in the area, which was prepared for commercial investments.  In the vicinity is located Poznan City Center, a shopping centre.

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