New Business Service Centre will be built near Poznań

Business Service Centre in Nickel Technology Park Poznań
Within the frames of Nickel Technology Park Poznań, Business Service Centre will be built, located in Złotniki near Poznań.

In less than one and a half year, in May 2015, Nickel Technology Park Poznań (NTPP) will launch Business Service Centre, addressed to innovative entrepreneurs as well as academic and research and development environment. At the combined area of almost 4500 sq. m there will be modern offices, conference halls, exhibition space and unique testLAB, that is, a set of specialist laboratories. The construction of the new building will begin in the spring of 2014 and will cost 17.5 million zloty. The project by NTPP received about 7 million zloty of subsidy from WRPO.


Business Service Centre is one of the most important of our projects in the next two years. Last December, we received subsidy for its construction, amounting to almost 7 million zloty, within the frames of Wielkopolski Regionalny Program Operacyjny (Greater Poland Regional Operation Programme). The entire infrastructure and the specialist services package is to be launched in May 2015, comments Dagmara Nickel, the President of NTPP. Our latest project is addressed not only to Polish and foreign companies or representatives of the professions, but also to academia, research and development units, engineer and design studios. The entities located in the Business Service Centre will be able to make use of all facilities offered by our park, among others, of the access to our business and academic networks, the package of our services for tenants and business development services, as well as services offered by 53 companies operating on the area of NTPP.


There will be five laboratories in testLAB: 3D modelling lab, sensory research, mathematical and statistical modelling, technical design as well as enhanced and virtual reality. The laboratories will be open to everyone, thanks to which both entrepreneurs and scientists will be able to test the prototypes of their products or services.


The comprehensive offer of testing new products and services, proposed by our park, will certainly help Polish companies and research teams to reduce the risk of innovative activity and reduce high costs connected with it, says Piotr Kwiatek, the Managing Director for the Development of NTPP. Within the frames of testLAB laboratory, one can design and create prototypes of new products, test the reactions of the buyers on the sensory level, as well as modify business plans using virtual shelf - all in one place.


Business Service Centre will be the fourth zone in the NTPP. On the area of Nickel Technology Park Poznań, from the very beginning, that is, from 2006, there is Centrum ITC and Centrum Logistyczne (Logistic Centre), whereas in 2012 Centrum Biotechnologii (Biotechnological Centre) was also launched.

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