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Lower Silesian Innovation and Science Park is already working

A ceremonial ribbon-cutting at the opening of the Lower Silesian Innovation and Science Park, photography by DPIN
A ceremonial ribbon-cutting at the opening of the Lower Silesian Innovation and Science Park, photography by DPIN
On 23 January, the official opening ceremony of the Lower Silesian Innovation and Science Park took place.

Lower Silesian Innovation and Science Park (DPIN) is to support entrepreneurs in their contact with the academic world, as well as to mediate in putting research and development works into commercial use and to help to implement innovative solutions and technologies.


The opening ceremony started with the speech of the President of the Management Board, Edward Chlebus, who presented the current activity of the park. To answer the question, what will DPIN deal with, I would like to say: with everything. Our park is to be an organisational and technological platform, which will enable entrepreneurs and scientists to carry out their goals. Our goal is to be the leader in technology, that is, to search for new solutions and to implement them in companies, at first locally, so that we can work in the international environment at the later stage, said the host of DPIN.


Special guests at the opening included: undersecretary of state in the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development, Ewa Wendel, and undersecretary of state in the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Prof. Jacek Guliński. Minister Wendel spoke about the new perspective of financing the European Union projects within the frames of the Horizon 2020 programme, without forgetting the role of technology parks. Places such as Lower Silesian Innovation and Science Park, which aims at mediating between industry and science, fits ideally in with the goals of the new financial perspective, particularly the Smart Growth operation programme, in which money is dedicated to the entire process of putting the results of science and development research into commercial use, regardless of which stage the research is at, or whether it is the idea or commercialisation, she stated.


However, Minister Guliński referred to the role of science in the development of knowledge-based economy and emphasised that science is ancillary to the economy. This means that its task is to develop new organisational and technological solutions for business enterprises.


At the ceremony there were also Lower Silesian Governor and Marshal of the Lower Silesian Voivodship, as well as the representatives of nationwide and local institutions dealing with supporting innovativeness and entrepreneurship, the representatives of almost all higher education institutions in Wrocław, as well as entrepreneurs - from micro-companies to global concerns, including the members of CINNOMATECH cluster.


The official part of the opening ceremony ended with the ribbon cutting.


DPIN investment is located in Oporów district in Wrocław, between Kwiatkowskiego and Giełdową Streets, on a plot of land located in the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone.

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