Plac Unii for sale

The companies Liebrecht & Wood and BBI Development are looking for potential buyers of office and retail building in Warsaw.

Plac Unii, offering office and commercial space, has been put up for sale. Liebrecht & Wood and BBI Development are the owners of the complex, whereas CBRE is the company selected to be the sales advisor.


Plac Unii is the synonym of the highest quality and one of the largest investments in Warsaw in recent years. Great potential and attractiveness of the real estate enabled us to put the building up for sale. Free funds generated by the sale will enable us to implement new projects, characterised by high architectural value and innovativeness, commented Marc Lebbe, Managing Director of Liebrecht & Wood.


Plac Unii is located on the Union Square in Warsaw. The complex has 56 800 sq.m of total space, 41 300 sq.m of which are offices, while 15 500 sq.m are commercial space, available within the frames of City Shopping. Plac Unii consists of three separate buildings, with shopping arcades covered with glass roof. There is a 21-story skyscraper between two 6-story buildings. The project was created in the workshop of Kuryłowicz & Associates.


Plac Unii is the personification of the BBI Development’s strategy, concerned with building unique buildings in particularly attractive locations in Warsaw. We are proud to present to the world one of the top investment products, which has already become the showcase of this prestigious location, said Michał Skotnicki, President of BBI Development SA.


2013 was one of the most active years on the investment market in Poland since 2008. We expect that this trend will continue also in 2014 and the following years. For the investors, Poland, and particularly Warsaw, is still one of the most desirable markets in the region. Plac Unii is the icon of the capital city, and one of the most prestigious properties for sale, and we expect that there will be huge interest on the part of a selected group of investors, added Mike Atwell, Senior Director of Central-Eastern Europe capital market department at CBRE.

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