JLLS boasts record-breaking results

Last year, the experts of Jones Lang LaSalle completed over 150 transactions, by leasing 260 000 sq.m of offices.

Jones Lang LaSalle informs that last year the company’s experts completed over 150 transactions. In 2013, acting on behalf of our clients, we counselled on lease transactions with total space of 260 000 sq.m, which - according to the study based on the data of Warsaw Research Forum and Regional Forum - is the largest share of the volume of all contracts entered into on Polish office market with the participation of a consulting company. This result gives us, for the fourth time, the leading position among companies providing advice on lease of offices in Poland. What is particularly important is the fact that among the companies we counselled there are leading global brands, such as: KPMG, ING, IBM, Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank, says Anna Młyniec, Director of Office Leasing and Tenant Representation, Jones Lang LaSalle.


2013 was a record-breaking year for the office market in the capital city. Gross demand amounted to 633 000 sq.m. and was the highest in history. More than 70% of the completed transactions were new contracts, which confirms the strengthening trend of relocation. JLLS experts assisted, among others, by the contracts signed by: FMCG company (more than 10 000 sq.m.), KPMG (up to 10 000 sq.m.), Play (9600 sq.m.) and Avanssur (4200 sq.m.).


The company was also successful outside Warsaw. In the summary of the year, the company was responsible for almost 32% of all contracts entered into with consulting companies on the largest office markets outside Warsaw. Among the most important transactions, one can list those signed by: IBM (8670 sq.m., Katowice), Cisco (7000 sq.m., Kraków), Eurobank (6100 sq.m.), ING Services Poland (5600 sq.m., Katowice), Credit Suisse (4300 sq.m.), OpusCapita (4000 sq.m., Toruń) and RWE (3000 sq.m., Kraków).

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